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Liam Harrison is me, and I’m a freelance Director, Animator, and Editor out of upstate New York and NYC. I bring more than a decade of comprehensive experience to each new project. With a client base ranging from MTV and Nickelodeon to pharmaceutical companies, ad agencies, pop stars and independent production companies. 


In that time, I’ve directed, animated and executed an extensive range of projects. From big budget live-action shoots with a full crew to down and dirty one man and a camera jobs, I have the directing experience you need to get the shot you are after. When it's time for post, I can edit and animate in any style the project calls for.  I’ve worked in all mediums of animation: hand-drawn, stop-motion or CG, you name it, and I probably have an example on a hard drive somewhere.  


Whether you are in initial concepting stages, launch mode, or just need to find that finishing touch, I have the experience, creativity, and motivation to take your project to the next level.






Liam [AT]

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